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When you think about it – an oval shape is an obvious choice for a board room. Ok in King Arthur’s time they didn’t have 80″ touch screens or LCD projectors so a Round Table was a better idea. Now we have to juggle the competing needs of the face to face dynamic and also be able to see a large screen at one end or the other. An oval is a pretty good solution that meets both needs.

As an added bonus, this set up also has a camera on a mount in the middle of the table to cast any paper document or report on to the screen if needed. You don’t need it all the time, but it’s handy for those odd moments – especially for a company like this where they deal with large format architectural drawings.

You can probably guess that one end of the table is unused as anyone sitting there would have their back to the screen (see the Synergy post for a neat solution to this). You have to watch how far away the screen is for the people at the farthest end too – but with this 80″ monster that’s usually not a problem. A good tip if you are using Magic Minutes is to zoom the browser window which you can do with CTRL+ quite easily. The words wrap automatically unlike a zoomed Word document, making it much easier to read from a distance.

So you can’t go far wrong with an oval table – and they are relatively available. Worth making sure you get power and screen connections in the centre though.