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Read what some of our users have to say about Magic Minutes


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J and PR Ltd
“The time the system saves us is more than we could ever have envisaged, and it ensures that our staff are on top of everything we ask them to do.”
Rhea Alton, Managing Director, J&PR Ltd
SSC Laser Cutting
“Made me better at my job – helped hold me and my teams accountable for actions…Helps make meetings worth having”
Andy Hume, Group Sales Manager, SSC Laser Cutting
“Effective, efficient and easy to use…A useful application that I wish I had had available years ago!”
David Bennett, Sales and Marketing Director, Dalen Design Concepts
“Great tool – easy to use- ensures traceability and accurate recording of discussions/meetings.”
Neil Thomas, Planning Manager, Grainger & Worrall Machining
Needham Coding
“Magic Minutes has streamlined our meetings, its fast accurate and easy to use.”
Bob Powles, Managing Director, Needham Coding
Summit Systems
“Magic Minutes brings an overriding structure to all levels of meetings within a business.”
Ian Lowe, Operations Director, Summit Systems
“Saves me time and helps make the meetings I attend and chair effective.”
Archi Stewart, Managing Director, Crawford Strategic Solutions
Top Tec
“I wouldn’t take minutes any other way now.”
Adam Beardmore, Design Team Manager, Toptec Limited
Needham Group
“Magic Minutes does a lot more than simply take the minutes. It’s now an essential tool for our business.”
Aled Ellis, Managing Director, The Needham Group
“Reduces time required to create board information; easy to follow up actions; doesn’t drop the ball.”
Matthew Snelson, Managing Director, Marches Centre of Manufacturing & Technology
“Greater productivity, minutes prepared in less time, more focus during meetings and more importance attached to meeting actions.”
Alastair Forbes, Environmental Advisor, Specialist Consultant
TopTec 2
“This software makes our meetings more focussed and productive. Admin is reduced and effectiveness increased.”
Clive Beardmore, Managing Director, Dalen
G&W 4
“Magic Minutes is a fantastic product for running meetings.”
Sarah Coyle, HR Executive, Grainger & Worrall
Kickass Viral
“Magic Minutes has helped to improve the productivity of our meetings…They seem to have a great team.”
Matt Bell, Director, Kickass Viral
Upraw Media
“Extremely useful software!”
Todd Chambers, Managing Director, Upraw Media
Needham Coding 2
“A fantastic business tool.”
John Grainger, Operations Director, Needham Coding
Summit Systems
A “quick start for those on the fly coffee break meetings!”
Chris McCormack, Engineering Manager, Summit Systems Ltd
"Makes the boring bits easy and slick and in one place!”
Sarah Fenwick, Managing Director, Energist
“Simple way of recording a meeting and assigning actions, that are all then viewable in one place.”
Ian Cleary, Finance Director, IPU
Info Solutions-1
“Great way to track meetings.”
Pete White, Director, Information Solutions
G&W 3-1
“Straightforward and intuitive to use…with great support if assistance is ever needed.”
Tony Butcher, Non-Executive Director, Grainger & Worrall
G&W 2-1
“Great software for keeping meetings and projects on track and for communication of meeting minutes.”
Jonathan Marsden, Executive Manager, Grainger & Worrall

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