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Setting Up A Future Meeting

Follow our simple, step-by-step guide to creating and setting up a meeting scheduled for a date in the future.

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This guide will explain how to create meetings that are set up for a future date.  Setting up a meeting involves inputting the meeting details, inviting attendees, creating an agenda, assigning reports, and customising the meeting notifications.


Adding Meeting Details

Select a date and time, add a meeting title and location, then invite your attendees.


Invite Attendees

Type in attendees’ email address, first and last names, and assign their status as Present, Apologies or Copy.

When you have created them once, they will be available to choose from a drop-down in other meetings that you create.


Set Up The Agenda

Agenda items can easily be added to the meeting.  The order of agenda items can be moved around using the drag and drop functionality.

Add topics to discuss and frequently used phrases to help the meeting run efficiently.

You have the option of assigning an item owner from your list of attendees and of sending an email reminder to the owner if they have a report to upload before the meeting.

Lastly, you may assign a length of time to that agenda item to help you keep on track.  To assist you in that decision (if this is a follow-on meeting from a series of meetings) you can access data that tells you how long you have spent on that item in other meetings.


Setting Up Alerts

There are four categories of email notifications that you can select to go to your attendees: meeting invites, report requests, agendas and action chases.

You can choose if you want notifications to be sent and when you want them to be sent.  You also have the option of sending emails there and then.


Complete Meeting Setup

Once you are happy with your meeting setup, you simply click on the backwards arrow in the top left of the screen.  This will take you back to your dashboard where you will see your newly created meeting, ready to click on when you want to start.

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