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Meeting Notifications

Follow our simple, step by step guide to using the meeting notification features


Managing meeting administration can be time consuming.  It is also difficult to keep track of all the various requests for reports and updates ahead of a meeting.

This guide will explain how to use the meeting notifications in the meetings dashboard including how to send notifications manuallysetting up automated notifications, and changing the dates for automatic notifications.

With regards to actions and reports, Magic Minutes will only send out reminder emails where these items are still outstanding to avoid unnecessary emails in your attendees’ inboxes.

Sending Notifications Manually

To send a notification yourself, simply select which notification you wish to send (e.g. calling the meeting, chasing reports, send agenda & meeting pack link, or chase actions) then press the corresponding ‘Send’ button.

A date should then appear in the Sent column, so you have a record of what was sent and when.

Setting Automated Notifications

In your dashboard, select the meeting you wish to automate notifications for. Click on the ‘Meeting Notifications’ area, the top right tile.

For your selected event type (e.g. call the meeting), tick the “Active” box.  This will turn on automated notifications.

Choose when you want the event to happen by changing the value in the “When” column.  Add a minus sign in front of the number if you want it to be before the meeting (e.g. Call the meeting 7 days before the meeting date would have a value of -7).   Use a positive number if you want the event to be after the meeting (e.g. Chase actions 14 days after the meeting would have a value of 14).  

If you would like the event to repeat automatically, tick the “Repeat” box.

The date the event is scheduled for and the date the event happens are both recorded in the table for reference.


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