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As you will know from this series of blogs, we see a lot of board rooms and sit in on a lot of board meetings. Some have freely available standard furniture, some go for the ‘prestige’ look. Others aim for practicality. This one – the Synergy Table – is aiming to do it all.

It is a cross between an oval and a tear drop shape, with an integral screen mounted at one end or the other. Integral power and HDMI leads are very practical, and the 50″ screen has very high resolution so it can cope with two A4 portrait images on it side by side. I often have Magic Minutes in a browser window on the left and the automatically generated Board Pack on the right, with all the reports and presentations in it.

This version seats nine easily and the dynamic works very well. It encourages face to face discussion as everyone can see everyone else – but the screen is very visible too. They tell me this model sells well to rooms where for whatever reason you don’t want to screw things to the wall (it has its own integral mast). The build in HDMI fly leads with different endings are well thought of too – stops people ‘borrowing’ them for another room.

So this scores quite high in our rankings – easy to use and practical but is eye catching too.