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Adjust Attendees List

Edit attendees and apologies as you go.

Agenda Preparation

Multiple users can edit the agenda and add items.

Agenda Preview

View the agenda ahead of the meeting.

Events Tab

Send reminders at every step of the preparation process to ensure your meeting runs smoothly.

Print And Prepare Minutes

With easily accessible print and edit icons, you will always be prepared for your meetings.



Assign, upload, and comment on reports before the meeting to ensure no time is wasted



Use our tried and tested templates or create your own.

Use Offline

View and edit reports and actions on the go and simply upload it when you are next online.

During the Meeting


Add Agenda Items

Should anything new crop up, you can add items to your agenda during the meeting.

Assign And Review Actions

Easily allocate actions during a meeting, and review and monitor actions from previous meetings.


Automatic Paragraph Numbering

Refer back to previous minutes easily with our automatic paragraph numbering.


Helper Text

Insert common phrases or useful terms in your minutes at the click of a button.

Making Alterations

Change the attendees, location or time of your meeting.

Prepare Your Next Meeting

Simply deselect the attendees and items that you don’t want to include in your next meeting.

Send Out Minutes

Automatically email a copy of the meeting’s minutes to all attendees and copied in persons as soon as the meeting ends.


Text Editor

Use advanced text editing and formatting to help organise your minutes.


Time Management

Organise and monitor your time as you progress through a meeting.


Action Review

Keep track of your assigned actions to make sure nothing slips through the cracks.



Should anything come to light after the meeting, you can use this function to add a comment.

Meeting Analysis

View your meeting statistics to identify areas to improve when running meetings.

Minute Printing And Downloading

Archive, review, print or download past meetings, their reports, and comments.



Easy Setup

Our simple, intuitive interface means you can be running a meeting in minutes.

Daily Data Backups

To ensure none of your data gets lost, we perform backup daily.

Confidentiality Protected

We have different user levels to ensure that only the right people can access your minutes.

Cross-Browser Compatability

Our software is compatible with all browsers so whatever you’re working on, Magic Minutes can work on it.


Secure Hosting

SSL Security

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