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Spend less time in more effective meetings

Online meeting management and action tracking software designed for busy people

If you spend time in meetings, Magic Minutes was made for you.

From capturing the key points of a quick chat all the way up to a board meeting, Magic Minutes will change the way you run meetings.  Easy-to-use software enables you to get the minutes circulated to all attendees as soon as the meeting finishes.   Assign actions to people and track their progress to make your meetings more accountable.

Reduce the time you spend in meetings  by using the meeting management software to enable you to send agendas, request reports and chase actions before you meet.

Take minutes, save hours

Magic Minutes enables you to easily take notes or minutes and assign actions to people during the meeting, saving you the hassle and time of writing things up later.  Meeting content is encrypted to provide you with peace of mind.

End the meeting, send the minutes

We live in a culture of immediacy.  Any time lag in the publishing of your meeting minutes and actions devalues and deprioritises their importance to your attendees.  Magic Minutes overcomes this by allowing you to end the meeting and send the minutes and actions to all attendees at the push of a button.

Make meetings accountable

Productive meetings make things happen.  Capture and assign actions in the meeting, email them to action owners and review and comment on actions before the next meeting.  Magic Minutes gives a visibility to the your meeting’s actions to help bring a new level of accountability to your business.

Stop wasting time in meetings

Imagine a meeting where all the attendees came fully prepared.  Magic Minutes enables meeting organisers to request reports and action updates from attendees which are uploaded to the meeting and can be read and commented on by other attendees which dramatically cuts down the time spent in meetings.  Set time limits for agenda items to help keep meetings on track and analyse the time spent on each section of the meeting to help bring more focus.

Manage your meetings

See all your meetings and actions in one place to help you manage your diary and time effectively. Add new actions to your dashboard to help you stay on top of your to-dos.

Be compliant, be effective

If your organisation needs to demonstrate compliance with regulatory bodies, Magic Minutes can provide an effective tool.  Meeting preparation (agendas, reports, action-chasing), minute-taking, assigning actions and distribution of minutes is all effortlessly handled providing you with an audit trail of all your meetings.

It's FREE to use!

That’s right, Magic Minutes is free to use to take minutes and send out action reminders

No registration or card details

We know how annoying it is when you have to register or enter card details to try something, so you don’t have to! You will have validate your email but hopefully that’s OK…

It's secure

Meetings can contain some highly confidential or sensitive information which is why we take security seriously. Meeting data is encrypted to ensure you meetings stay safe.

More Features

To really boost your effectiveness upgrade to a Premium account to unlock loads of features to help you manage your meetings better.

Magic Minutes is the free, secure and effective way to run your meetings.