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We believe time is your most precious resource

Our experience from working with over 100 organisations (Plc, VC, SME, Charities) has helped build Magic Minutes


The amount of our working time spent chairing meetings

We've chaired over 1000 board and strategy meetings, over the past 5 years

If you’ve ever felt like your meetings were out control, we know how you feel…

Magic Minutes was born out of a sense that we needed to take back control of meetings we were involved in.  For our day job we provide board support to a wide range of organisations (if you’re interested in what we do please visit www.wellmeadow.co.uk).  A common observation across all the different organisations we’ve worked with was a frustration with ineffective meetings that were seen as either wasting time or a “talking shop” where actions didn’t get done resulting in poor progress towards organisational goals.

Not taking minutes (or getting them emailed out to the attendees promptly), a lack of meeting preparation and little accountability for “doing the things we said we’d do at the last meeting” we’re common meeting traits.

As part of the process of working with our clients, Magic Minutes was developed and has matured from a VBA script in a Word document to purpose built meeting management software solution.  Our years of experience of working with senior executives and business owners has helped us refine and define the essential components of what makes a meeting work.

High performance meetings where you're in control