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MM History Part 8

It’s one thing having a pretty looking user interface, but it doesn’t ‘Do’ anything. It just sits there looking pretty. You can start to show it to existing and potential users to get feedback, but it is inanimate. It’s needs to have life breathed in to it.

So then you have the hard bit – the User Stories. You have to explain how it is going to work – in amazing detail. What happens when you press this button here? Or this one? And what about if this hasn’t been filled in? Or what about if the user isn’t registered. Aaaaggghhhh.

It has to be done though. If you are going to give this work of art to a developer then they are going to need more than pretty pictures. If you don’t write it down then they aren’t going to be able to have the same in depth understanding of its function as you are.

In Part Nine – Applying for a Grant