MM History Part 7

There’s something amazing that happens in the brain when someone else spends time on something you are passionate about. There’s probably some psychologist phrase for it, and I am sure it alters your judgement. It is important to stand back and try to take a third party view – as if you are not connected. Very difficult indeed.

The designs were great though. When designed and thought through creativity meets logical task-oriented people, there is an energy. You can’t describe it, but it’s almost as if everyone wants to speak at once. It’s like seeing a new toy in a brochure and being an impatient kid all over again and wanting it right now.

They hit the spot though. The new designs were certainly better than anything we were going to be able to do. And we had to admit, it was a lot clearer to understand what it did and how you used it. We had made the right decision.

In Part Eight – The User Stories