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We are getting increasingly used to the idea that having a permanently set up projector or screen is now the norm. Not everyone and we still travel with our own portable one sometimes. This board room is a real treat though – there are three screens!

IPU have put a lot of thought in to this board room, from the trapezoidal shape of the table, the seating, the in-desk power, the wireless screen broadcast technology and the audio-visual. The video conferencing is what prompted the three screen set up, but to be honest I prefer it just as a multi-screen display – one for the Magic Minutes window so everyone can see the minutes being written live (a real benefit as you will know from our other posts), and the other for presentation material. If you need a third, then this is for the remote connecting people using video link.

What you have to watch for with this type of set up is to make sure all the screen locations are nice and easy to see. For me, in this one they are a bit too far spread out sideways – the people at the front have to almost look behind them. This is a very fussy point though. Compared to most, this is a really nice set up and a joy to meet in.