MM History Part 6

We had got to the point of realising we needed experts to design not just the look and feel, but a more attractive interface that drew people in. This needs a designer’s eye – not a consultants one. We could tell you how to run an effective meeting and had heaps of experience of doing it. We recognise that this needed a different skill set.

So we looked around at the work done by other local design companies. We considered going further afield, and we could certainly have done it cheaper. However we knew the ability to sit in a meeting room for hours arguing over this design feature or that one was going to be easier if we were co-located. Very old-fashioned and we thought about it long and hard. In the end though, we selected The Curious Way, in Shrewsbury. Once they got what we were trying to do, there was an ‘Aha!’ moment and their creative juices started flowing. We then had to wait several weeks for the designer gestation period to pass.

In Part Seven – The First Drafts