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Manage all your meetings, actions, workload in one place

Magic Minutes is helping organisations change the way they work by bringing greater focus and accountability to every meeting

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Stay Organised!

Improve visibility of your upcoming and recent meetings in one easy-to-manage list.  You can search for a meeting or attendee to quickly find what you’re looking for.  Managing your meetings has never been this easy!

If you pick up actions or tasks from your meetings, these are displayed in a simple list so you can stay on top of your commitments and get stuff done.

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Make Your Meetings More Productive!

Magic Minutes is helping people to run better meetings and change the way they work.

Whether you’re taking official meeting minutes or just need to capture some notes, Magic Minutes has the power and the flexibility to take your meetings to the next level.

Create agendas on-the-go or set one up beforehand to ensure that your meetings stay focused.

Actions and tasks can be created at the push of a button (literally just press “@”). You can easily assign an owner, add a description and set a due date.  You can also add and view comments so that you can keep track of progress (and excuses!).

You can add images or screenshots into your minutes to help illustrate a point or capture the output of a whiteboard session.

At the end of the meeting, the minutes and actions can be sent out via email or viewed in the dashboard.  You can even set up a follow-on meeting at the push of a button and Magic Minutes will do the hard work of creating the agenda, inviting attendees and requesting reports!

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Have you ever been in a meeting

that was a waste of time?

We have, so we built some software to make your meetings better.


Send The Minutes Out Promptly

Capture the discussion then email the minutes and actions at the push of a button.

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Get More Done

Automatically send progress reminders to get updates on actions.


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Make People Accountable

Run a ‘Follow On Meeting’ and previous actions are included ready for review.

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Reduce Meeting Time

Circulate agendas and upload reports before the meeting to ensure all attendees come well prepared.

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Manage Your Workload

See all your meetings and actions in one place to get the full picture.

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Meeting Flexibility

From a quick note to cover your back, to a board meeting and everything in between.

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Get even get more done by linking your meetings and actions to other productivity apps…

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Answers to Your Questions...

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Find out more about how Magic Minutes works or just get a

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Setting Up Meetings

Learn how to set up a meeting in advance or on-the-go

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Find A Meeting

Learn how to search for meetings and actions

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Running A Meeting

Learn how to take meeting notes in Magic Minutes

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Make Your Meetings Better!

Try Magic Minutes for free and start changing the way

your organisation runs meetings.

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